Helmets or commonly called masks for welding must be chosen which really have good quality. Because these masks must be able to protect you from various dangers that can happen to you when the welding process occurs. make sure that you choose jack welding so you can get the right helmet for welding. The helmet must clearly have good quality and endurance in order to protect yourself from the various dangers that occur.

The welding process is indeed a process that must be done carefully so that there is no danger lurking yourself. There are a number of devices that you must use when doing this welding process. Some of the devices referred to here are

1. Welding Helmet
This welding helmet is indeed one of the safety devices that must always be used before doing welding techniques. Welding helmets are useful for protecting the eyes and head when doing welding. At the time of welding will emit ultraviolet light which can damage the eyes when viewed directly in close proximity. And there will also be smoke and sparks that can burn facial skin. Therefore welding helmets are very important for the safety of welders.

2. Safety Clothing
Safety clothing has a purpose to protect the body against sparks. The manufacturing material is made from materials that are resistant to fire or hot metal sparks. These protective clothing are generally created with the design of long sleeves and trousers that aim to protect the entire body from sparks and hot metal.

3. Safety Shoes
The characteristics of Safety shoes are very different from the usual shoes. This protective shoe is made using leather and at the tip of the shoe is gotten a protective iron plate. This is very important in order to protect the feet from the fall of hard and sharp objects. Not only that, the bottom of the shoe is made of rubber that is not slippery so that when used or when we lift heavy or sharp objects we will not slip.

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