Welding is one of the techniques of connecting to metals by melting or melting some of the parent metal and filling metal with heat so that it can produce a permanent connection. For this reason, the welding process is usually carried out by experts or someone who has been professional. You can also use jackson welding as security during the welding process. To get the maximum welding process, you really have to use the right service.

In addition, in the welding process, you also need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the welding technique. There are several advantages and include the lack of a welding process that you should know well.

– Advantages
Simple geometric shapes of connected parts allow a reduction in material costs and weights, increasing economic value, and productivity.
Good connection efficiency can be used at high temperatures and there is no limit to the thickness of the parent metal. Therefore, the strength of the welded joint and the metal base must be as maximum and perfect as possible.
The connection geometry is also simpler with a more perfect level of air, water, and oil.
Production facilities are cheaper, lighter weight and better yield limits. The connection process can usually be completed very quickly by local heating and rolling along the joints following the material to melt and freeze. This will usually be accompanied by various problems that can only be solved by those who are experts in this field.

– Deficiency
The quality of metal that has undergone a welding process is certainly different from the parent metal and the quality of the parent metal in the heat-unaffected area to the weld metal part changes continuously.
The distortion and fertilization of forms are caused by rapid heating and cooling. If the heating area is heated quickly, the area will expand. However, the deformation of the weld area is caused by shrinkage when the weld area becomes cold.
The residual thermal stress that occurs in the welding process can cause damage or cracks in the part that has gone through the welding process.
The existence of complex or more complicated forms in the area through welding.
Damage to the inside of the welded joint is very difficult to detect. This is what makes the quality of welded joints dependent on the skill of the welder. Although welding is a perfect connection technique as described, but problems such as residual stress that occur still have to be solved. So, from that, it is very important to understand technical matters before carrying out the welding process. This is so that you can do welding techniques correctly and there are no errors in the technique.

Don’t forget to always protect yourself from various dangers that can occur during the welding process. The danger can occur when you do not use a variety of safety devices that are very important for your safety. You can use the right helmet and have good quality so that your security is well maintained. Be sure not to miss this because this is a very important thing to do. Also, make sure you have the right helmet quality for the welding process.

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