The welding process is indeed one of the processes that must be done very carefully because you can hurt yourself. For that reason, the existence of security devices is certainly needed by all people who will conduct welding. One of the safety devices that must always be used is jackson welding. With the right security devices, you will be able to do the welding process to the maximum and not endanger yourself.

Welding safety equipment must be used when working according to standards, hazards, and risks to maintain the safety of weld workers and other people or other objects around them. The several work safety tools in the welding process that you can use are

1. Head section
the upper head protector consists of a protective hat or helmet.
face and eye protective equipment consist of face shields, goggles, safety glasses, masks, and welding helmets.
Ear protectors consist of ear muffs, ear plugs.
Respiratory protective equipment consists of a mask, respirator

2. Body parts
whole body protective equipment: can use a laboratory coat
advance body armor: can use an apron, the apron consists of an arm apron, a chest apron.

3. Parts of the hands and feet
Hand Protective Equipment can use: gloves (safety gloves) should be made of objects that are insulating and flexible so as not to interfere with the motion of welders when the welding process.
Footwear can use safety shoes.

The various benefits of these safety tools are
– Avoid welding sparks, so as not to hit the eyes, hands, ears, face, and other limbs
– To avoid toxic dust and smoke
– avoid heat and electricity welding and ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Always use these various tools and make sure you use a quality tool so that there is no danger that you experience during the welding process.

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